Simon Bulmer
Business Manager, Hugh Gaitskell Primary School

SAM has completely revolutionised our sickness monitoring procedures. Our ability to track individuals at every stage through our sickness policy at the click of a button and produce detailed notes and reports professionally presented is already reaping real benefits for our school.

Jo Godbolt
Business Manager, Oathall Community College

We purchased SAM around a year ago as we found that our existing systems for managing absence and absence statistics were very cumbersome. We wanted a product that could sync with our existing MIS so we did not have to duplicate work. What we like about SAM is that because it is on the cloud it allows managers to access details about their team members from work or home. Now that we have got into the swing of using it we find it really useful for logging all the details where employees have met absence triggers. Essentially it is like having an accessible electronic employee personnel file. The reports are very useful with the employee absence calendar proving to be an extremely helpful tool for managers. It is quite a different way of working for the school and so it has taken a bit of time to bed in. Now we are using it more & more it has become a very valuable management tool.

Lesley Burton
Executive Business Manager St John's CE Primary Academy

Probably one of the most impactful business management systems we use. Being able to instantly cost absence is extremely powerful and has helped us reduce it #worthitsweightingold

Anne-Marie Dorsey
Business Manager, Baguley Hall Primary School

Before SAM, we were having to count days manually and plot absence on a spreadsheet which was an administration nightmare. Now, SAM does it all for us, saving us much needed time. It identifies absence patterns when staff hit triggers and makes it easy to provide information to senior management who can then further support staff. We would highly recommend SAM to other schools.

Kim Harwood
Assistant Head, Woodfield Academy

We have been using the Staff Absence Management software for almost two years now. It has allowed us to analyse absence trends and to pinpoint triggers for further staged absence meetings. The graphs are useful for reporting to governors, particularly in relation to the financial impacts of the absence per staff member. The interface is user friendly and straight forward and the reporting suite is comprehensive.

Anita Bowker
School Business Manager, Mellor Primary School

We recently purchased SAM as a tool to help us manage our school absences more effectively. The software appealed to us due to its ability to provide an easy to understand overview of absences both at a whole school and employee level. The reports available within the system have made reporting to our Governors and HR Support easier and more relevant whilst reducing admin time.

Julie Pratt
Business Manager, Sandal Magna Community Academy

Using the SAM system allows us to work proactively and means the school can tailor the system to meet our own bespoke requirements. The system gives us the ability to produce transparent and usable reports that are extremely clear and concise, which ultimately results in us being able to make fully informed decisions with all the information being available in one place. This is one piece of software that I would not like to be without.

Kirsten Middleton
Business Manager, Bury CE High School

We recently purchased SAM as a tool to help us maintain an overview of and manage our school absences. We were attracted to the software both by its ability to provide an overview of absences both at a whole school and individual level. The reports available within the system have made reporting to SLT and Governors a lot easier, more relevant and reduced the preparation time.

Tracey Fallon
Chief Operations Officer, Inspire Partnership Multi-Academy Trust

The SAM system enables our Multi Academy Trust to manage sickness absence proactively. It provides the Central Team with an overview of all staff who have hit triggers or are on monitoring rounds. The system has been designed to allow our Schools to record tag’s against open cases which demonstrates our schools are compliant with the sickness absence policy. It also provides comprehensive case notes on individuals at the push of a button. The reporting suite is very powerful and enables the Trust to run regular reports showing the cost of the absence in days and £’s at both individual school level and across all schools in the Trust. These reports are shared with our schools, our staff and our Board on a regular basis. Without the SAM system, the Trust would not know the true cost of sickness absence within our schools or be able to support school’s with individual cases.

Carmen King
Business Manager, Camberwell Park Specialist Support School

We were so impressed with the SAM software from the moment we saw it. The reporting suite gives you the information you need as a leadership team to make informed decisions, all at the touch of a button. Staff absence in special schools is high due to the emotional demand and physical requirements of the job. Supporting staff wellbeing whilst reducing absence ensures we are providing the best support we can for our pupils.

Maggie Duncan
Business Manager, The Redeemer CEP

SAM has helped me get a real grip on my absence management in school. The dashboard shows me the information I need to know at the touch of a button and it produces tangible reports that my Governors can easily understand. The customer service is excellent and there is always somebody to help and listen to ideas for upgrades.

Jane Rawson
Business Manager, High Park School

We are a special school and started using SAM in April 2017.  SAM has been a blessing in disguise, it has already revolutionised how we manage staff attendance, saving us valuable time, we now find it much easier to track and monitor attendance in line with our policy.   It’s still early days but we are already seeing the impact of SAM…..  I would highly recommend SAM to any special school that needs a bespoke educational absence software tool to monitor triggers hit, manage absence cases and provide quick and easy reports for Trustees and Governors.

Sandra Barrett
Business Manager, Princeville Primary School

We are delighted with how SAM has helped us reduce absence. In the first year, we have increased staff attendance by 49% and saved 279 days of absence. This has saved the school time and money and has helped us to maintain the consistency of teaching standards across the school. We would highly recommend SAM to any school.

HR Administrator, St Johns Church of England Primary School

Before we started using SAM, the process of dealing with staff absence was old fashioned, impersonal and confidentiality couldn’t always be assured. The whole issue of staff absence was quite scary and not a lot of people wanted to take it on. Since we started working with SAM, the whole process of dealing with staff absence has become much easier. It is more personal to the individual we are dealing with and from my point of view it’s a lot less time consuming and what we record is a lot more accurate. The best thing about SAM is its simplicity. It’s easy to use and easy to follow. Uploading from SIMS is straightforward. The reporting options mean I can pull a report for my business manager at the touch of a button and all the information for that employee is there. The support we have received has also made things so much easier right from the beginning. I just love SAM, it’s my new best friend.

Joanne King
Senior Deputy Headteacher, Chislehurst and Sidcup Grammar School

Using SAM has not only saved us time it has also saved us money. At the end of the first year we found that we had saved 712 days of absence overall across teaching and support staff. This will have helped to reduce supply costs across the school and increase attendance of key members of our teaching staff which is so important to us and our pupils. We would recommend that all schools consider using SAM to help manage absence.

Girlington Primary School

To efficiently monitor staff absences, we believe that SAM is a must have for every school or business…  SAM is a great way to visualise individual absences, the graphs are very clear to understand and you can easily recognise any persistent absences. We say “Keep calm and use SAM