How can SAM help Special Schools?

SAM is a bespoke online staff absence management software for schools. We are working with a number of special schools who are seeing reduced absence rates and the benefits of higher staff attendance as a result of using SAM.

  • Helps to support staff better by providing information that you can help to identify trends and prompt quicker responses.
  • Helps staff to get back to work quicker, reducing absent days and administration time therefore, lowering supply costs.
  • Less sick pay to allocate
  • Lower absence rates
  • Improved continuity of learning
  • Budget to invest in childrens’ needs

We understand that poor staff attendance can have a major impact on your school in terms of performance and continuity of teaching which is so important in an environment where the children need extra support. But, it also has a massive impact on your budget, that could be better invested in learning resources.

SAM helps special schools monitor and manage absence so that better support can be provided for teachers that are absent, helping to get them back to work as quickly as possible.

Jane Rawson
Business Manager, High Park School

We are a special school and started using SAM in April 2017.  SAM has been a blessing in disguise, it has already revolutionised how we manage staff attendance, saving us valuable time, we now find it much easier to track and monitor attendance in line with our policy.   It’s still early days but we are already seeing the impact of SAM…..  I would highly recommend SAM to any special school that needs a bespoke educational absence software tool to monitor triggers hit, manage absence cases and provide quick and easy reports for Trustees and Governors.

For more information and to see how SAM could help you just book a demo.