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How can SAM help Secondary Schools?

With a growing number of staff, keeping track of administration, employee leave and triggers is a difficult but important task. For exam results and school standards, it’s essential to maintain the teaching presence. Here is how SAM can help you:

  • SAM automatically highlights staff that have triggered and reminds you of tasks, so you can take action quicker, supporting staff to return to work.
  • Comparisons can be made across departments showing trends that can be addressed.
  • Active absence management can contribute towards Ofsted achievement and reduce Insurance Premiums, but the biggest savings come on the reduction of supply cover.
Kirsten Middleton
Business Manager, Bury CE High School

We recently purchased SAM as a tool to help us maintain an overview of and manage our school absences. We were attracted to the software both by its ability to provide an overview of absences both at a whole school and individual level. The reports available within the system have made reporting to SLT and Governors a lot easier, more relevant and reduced the preparation time.

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