SAM’s reporting suite offers a variety of reports that can be filtered down by School (if a MAT), Department, Line Manager and Employee. You can select to compare by date range or by terms.

Key Benefits Of The Reporting

  • The Annual Comparison Report compares absences over a set number of academic years which is useful for spotting trends and monitoring improvement.
  • The Absence Type Report shows you the types of absences further broken down by illness categories, so you can see specific trends, bespoke to your school.
  • The All Absences Report is used mainly to extract absences for payroll purposes over a specified period. It can also help with Census submissions by providing absence information and NI numbers.
  • The Cost of Absence Report uses your staff salary and absence data to work out how much absence is costing you by individual absence, by employee summary, by absence type summary and by department summary. This is very useful for senior leadership teams and governing bodies.
  • The Attendance Percentage Report shows a breakdown of absence types by percentage including those that have got 100% attendance.
  • And finally the Absence Summary Report shows your key metrics over the last 12 months in just one click, absence days, sickness days, absence by type and across departments. It also provides you with a benchmark against the national CIPD average for absence, very useful for getting a quick overview of absence across your school or trust.

Could we do something like the reporting personas attached so it broke up the text and gave each person’s approach?

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