Benefits of the Automatic MIS Link

SAM has an automated link to most school data systems and is an accredited partner of SIMS. The system imports and exports information remotely, ensuring both systems are kept up-to-date.

  • Removes the need to manually import csv files from your SIMS system saving admin time
  • Automatically imports employee and absence data every day to make sure that your data is up-to-date and correct on both systems, without you having to worry
  • Automatic imports of your data means you are alerted more timely to when employees have hit new triggers allowing you to start the absence review process promptly. This can in turn encourage staff to return to work quicker by promoting action, ultimately saving the school money
  • Will generate regular Import Tasks highlighting any manual human errors recorded in SIMS. You can then correct these errors, improving your data accuracy across both systems
  • Will keep on top of manual errors rather than reviewing them in bulk at a later point saving time
  • Reinforces to employees that absence is being monitored
  • Using SAM’s checking process cleanses the data removing human errors resulting in easier and more accurate Workforce Census returns
  • Allows the SAM team to support you better. Queries can be addressed quicker as we can access the data from the link and run reports if needed without you having to do anything.

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