MAT Dashboard
MAT dashboard

As a Multi-Academy Trust, SAM shows you in seconds a comparison of the schools within the trust on one main dashboard. It shows when the school last logged in, when they last imported, the last absence case and the last time a case was opened.

Compare attendance percentage by school.

See the Total number of sickness days over the last 12 months across the Trust and by individual school, in a rolling period.

View Total costs pulled from each school’s Cost of Absence report also make it into the dashboard and the overall cost of absence to the Trust is then logged.

Download the trigger watchlist showing all employees who have trigged an absence target across the trust. It can be filtered and sorted by school, by department and by line manager.

Quickly see a list of employees absent today across all schools and total days of absence lost by school which includes sickness and other types of absence.

By reducing the time staff are absent from the classroom or school, SAM helps to maintain a consistent approach and consistent teaching standards therefore improving the overall performance of the Trust and having a positive impact on pupil progress.

We are already working with a number of Trusts who are seeing reduced absence rates and improved standards as a result.

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