How can SAM help leadership teams?

At the touch of a button, SAM provides the information needed to make essential decisions. The reporting suite can highlight trends and peaks that can then be addressed and shared with Governors and Trustees.

SAM’s reports can also help the leadership team to support key members of staff or key departments that may be experiencing issues. SAM not only saves administration time, but can also help the leadership team to find cost savings and release additional budget for resources.

For leaders of a Multi-Academy Trust, you can compare information for your schools, benchmarking across the Trust and being able to support the schools as needed.

Carmen King
Business Manager, Camberwell Park Specialist Support School

We were so impressed with the SAM software from the moment we saw it. The reporting suite gives you the information you need as a leadership team to make informed decisions, all at the touch of a button. Staff absence in special schools is high due to the emotional demand and physical requirements of the job. Supporting staff wellbeing whilst reducing absence ensures we are providing the best support we can for our pupils.

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