Improving staff attendance

SAM is innovative staff attendance software developed specifically for schools and MATs. Tailored to your school, SAM automatically tells you who’s hit triggers, when tasks are due, centralises all documents and quickly provides reports for your leadership team. Make managing and monitoring attendance easy, save admin time and supply costs with SAM.


Get staff back to work quicker saving time and reducing costs

No more manual spreadsheets trying to spot absence trends and work out who has hit a trigger. SAM automatically highlights them and reminds you of tasks so you can take action promptly, getting the staff member back to work quicker, saving time and costs.

Analyse trends to make better decisions and improve standards

SAM’s reporting suite enables you to quickly identify the reasons behind sickness absences and other types of absence, helping to spot trends and absence patterns, by department, by line manager and by term. It provides information to tackle poor performance and manage duty of care, helping you to make informed decisions.

Centralise documentation and actions for a fair absence process

SAM keeps everything you need in one place, including notes, messages and letters. Save time by sending emails and personalised letters from within SAM at the touch of a button. There is one tracked process for everyone, which can be used as evidence to help prevent claims of discrimination.

Improve standards by supporting your staff and keep teaching consistent for pupils

Using tiered access control you can empower department managers to deal more effectively with attendance by having better visibility of absence within their team. SAM supplies them with bestpractice template documents to use, maintaining consistency, saving time and creating an audit trail.
Simon Bulmer
Business Manager, Hugh Gaitskell Primary School

SAM has completely revolutionised our sickness monitoring procedures. Our ability to track individuals at every stage through our sickness policy at the click of a button and produce detailed notes and reports professionally presented is already reaping real benefits for our school.

SAM removes manual calculations by analysing absence and alerting you quickly when action is needed

Centralised attendance monitoring file for each employee, keeping all documents in one place and with an easy to view calendar

SAM imports data from SIMS maintaining and improving data accuracy and providing insightful reporting at the touch of a button.

Bespoke to your school or Trust – SAM works on your term times, allowing for Inset Days and provides customisable document templates

A centralised file for each employee keeps documents and communications all in one place providing an audit trail. You can upload documents to SAM and send emails.

SAM provides detailed analysis broken down by department, by date range, line manager and employee so you can easily see any trends that are developing

SAM allows you to compare absence across historical terms so you can prepare for any peaks and take the necessary action

Your questions answered

How does SAM reduce absence costs?

SAM automatically analyses your absence data producing a trigger list and notifying you when someone hits a trigger. This enables you to take quicker action to support the employee and hopefully get them back to work sooner, reducing the need for supply cover. This then sees a knock-on effect on the reduction of costs, sick pay and associated costs. Tasks are sent directly to your email and letters are issued from the system all saving you time as well.

Can SAM automatically import from MIS systems?

The MIS Link available with SAM allows information in your MIS system to automatically import into SAM every day, keeping data accurate. Any changes you also make in SAM can be written back to your MIS system, saving even more time and keeping both systems in sync.

How does SAM help prevent discrimination?

SAM can keep a record of all actions, meeting notes, emails, documents enabling a full case history to be presented when needed for meetings and any possible hearings. SAM also provides a fair absence process for all members against bespoke triggers.

Can SAM help reduce the absence process?

Yes. SAM reduces admin time at every step. To start, it automatically imports and analyses data, then it reminds you at every stage allowing meetings to be scheduled quicker. At set-up, SAM can mail-merge all your school’s standard absence letters / forms e.g. return to work form, self-certification form, invite to meeting letter(s), outcome of meeting letter(s) so you can simply select them; they pre-populate with information in SAM and you can also then edit accordingly. Documents and relevant paperwork can be scanned and uploaded into SAM, such as Fit Notes, Occupational Referral Forms and Meeting Notes for ease of reference. And finally, reporting is ready at the touch of a button – all saving you time.

Is there a MAT version of SAM?

Yes there is, MATs can use a Super User licence, so they can see all the schools within the MAT, providing them with essential information that they can then act on.

Who benefits and how?


At the touch of a button, SAM provides the information needed to make essential decisions. The reporting suite can highlight trends and peaks that can then be addressed.


Staff attendance is vital to maintaining consistency of teaching and learning and raising standards. Staff absence can impact student progress and grades and therefore improved staff attendance = increased student performance.


SAM promotes equality and wellbeing by enabling consistent intervention, ensuring that the correct processes are followed and that employees are supported back to work.

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