At the Schools and Academies Show in London this month, the Education Secretary Damian Hinds unveiled the new Education Technology (EdTech) strategy. This strategy, which Hinds will set out plans for, is backed by £10 million and will support innovation within schools, colleges and universities*. The Government’s ambition is for education experts to work with technology firms to unite technology with education and ensure that those who work in education are equipped with the tools and skills to meet the needs of their schools. They will also help to provide solutions to some of the common challenges faced by the education sector on a daily basis.

The main aims to tackle these challenges include***:

  • Increasing efficiency
  • Supporting excellent teaching
  • Reducing teacher workload
  • Improving student outcomes
  • Improving accessibility and inclusion

It will open up new ways of communication for those with special needs, allowing them to have easier access to learning and have an independence that technology can provide. The strategy will ultimately remove the barriers that prevent educators benefiting from technology. It will ensure that schools are provided with the best value of digital technology, which will have an invaluable impact on both teaching staff and improving student educational outcomes.

Education Secretary Damian Hinds comments “It marks the start of an important conversation about the place for technology in education. I want our world class education sector to be at the forefront of this conversation – and to be shaping how innovation can help schools drive efficiencies, help drive down teacher workload and ultimately of course make the learning experience a better, more successful one, for all children and young people.”**

The Department of Education has published details and their vision for the EdTech strategy in full on their website. They also provide case studies and examples of how the use of technology is currently helping schools throughout the country. Further details can be accessed by clicking on the link below.

We greatly support the use of technology to improve efficiency in schools, save money and further support staff so that ultimately the benefits are seen in the classroom for the children. We took that passion and applied it to develop an absence software system, SAM, specifically for education, that would help support staff back to work and reinvest saved absence costs back into the classroom. We’re delighted to say that hundreds of schools are now benefiting from the software and we continue to look at ways just like the Government are doing, to further improve technology to help education. If you would like to see a free demo of SAM, please call 01924 907319.





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