SAM lets you know when triggers are hit.

Alerts for attendance triggers

No more manual calculating of absence records and having to keep an eye on the ones that are getting close to a trigger.

You can see at a glance if any employees have hit an absence trigger – SAM will flag it up and highlight them on the dashboard. You can choose from default triggers, the Bradford Factor formula or your own bespoke triggers. SAM will then prompt you to invite employees to an absence review meeting and give you all the documentation you need to manage absence cases more confidently from beginning to end.

Click here for example triggers

  • SAM Model Default Triggers
    • 3 or more absences in a 6 month period
    • 7 or more working days in a 12 month period
    • 4 weeks continuous absence or more
    • When operational needs dictate
  • Bradford Factor Formula
    • 45 points + Action Required
  • Your own bespoke triggers (customised from your School’s Attendance Policy)
SAM dashboard

Track sickness and leave of absence in a click.

Tracking absence is a breeze

With SAM importing data directly from SIMS (or any CSV file), all absence records are transferred securely and safely.

The SAM reporting suite enables you to quickly identify the reasons behind Sickness Absences and Leave of Absence (Paid or Unpaid, Authorised or Unauthorised) in order to spot trends and absence patterns, per type, per department, per line manager and per term. Year on year and termly comparison reports are also available.

After all, knowing why your staff are off is just as important as knowing when.

type of staff absence

A completely transparent approach to absence management.

SAM makes it fair, transparent and easy.

SAM keeps everything you need in one place, including notes, messages and letters. With full case management history and a quick glance calendar it’s easy to monitor staff absences. SAM will mean you have one process for everyone, that can be tracked, used as evidence and will help prevent claims of discrimination.

reporting calandar

All the documents you need – when you need them.

From the day-to-day essentials like meeting invitations and self-certification forms to handy guides and absence management flowcharts, whatever you need is safely stored in SAM. In a click, you can download templates, customise and merge documents, print and save everything automatically for each individual in a case file.

SAM will become your eyes and ears for keeping track of all staff absences.

SAM is helping schools to save £1000’s by establishing a more pro-active absence monitoring approach and clear absence case management.

All documents and advice is provided by qualified HR advisors from FusionHR, operating under the professional liability insurance of Fusion Business Solutions Ltd.

Click here for example suite of absence related documentation

  • Model Attendance Policy
  • Invite to absence review meeting
  • Outcome of absence review meeting
  • Unauthorised Absence Guide
  • AWOL letters
  • Help for managing lateness
  • Management Instruction – lateness
  • Management Instruction – failure to follow attendance procedures
  • Guidance for avoiding discrimination
  • Reasonable adjustment checklist
  • Work related stress – the legal perspective
  • Identifying and managing stress
  • Stress Risk Assessment questionnaire
  • Teacher’s Stress Risk Assessment questionnaire
  • Stress Risk Assessment Action Plan
  • Phased Return to Work Guidance
  • Phased Return to Work Agreement
  • Self-certification form
  • Guidance for carrying out a Return to Work interview
  • Return to Work interview form
  • Absence management long term flowchart
  • Absence management short term flowchart
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