It may sound obvious but making sure your employees are actively engaged in the objectives of your organisation is paramount to success. A passionate team will help drive the organisation forward to achieve objectives, whether that be for a business, a school or a Multi-Academy Trust. Everyone must be engaged and enthusiastic about the direction the organisation is going in and their role as part of it. But, how do you as a leadership team encourage this.

Here’s our top tips for employee engagement:

  1. Ensure the workplace has the right culture and working conditions to encourage engagement. Engagement is an emotional attachment to the job and therefore this can be tricky as everyone has different motivators for working, however, get it right and staff are more likely to perform well, go above and beyond and remain loyal and committed.
  2. Create an environment where employees feel safe and promote well-being. Make sure staff policies and procedures are in place and offer an open-door approach to management.
  3. Applying a wellbeing strategy for the organisation will benefit all staff and encourage engagement. Offering wellbeing incentives and support services such as Occupational Health and Counselling can help an employee feel valued even in difficult situations.
  4. Make employee engagement an ongoing business focus. Plan how your staff can be involved and nurtured. Support employee development and listen to ideas, provide accountability and recognise achievements.
  5. Provide frequent and effective communication about how the work of staff aligns with the goals of the organisation. Keep it simple and make sure everyone in the organisation can access your communication.
  6. Ensure performance management is active and ongoing and is not just a set of objectives that are written and reviewed once a year. Take the opportunity to provide ongoing continuous feedback, look at plans for performance development, review capacity and discuss succession planning. At the meeting, discuss their interests and see how they could fit with new developments and help the organisation reach its goals.
  7. Genuine appreciation is one of the most effective ways of building confidence and commitment. Provide regular and specific feedback on how an employee’s work has impacted on the organisation and the value of it.
  8. Care about the employee. Provide opportunities for personal growth and take note of what interests / talents your employees have.

Here at SAM we encourage employers to regularly communicate with their employees and to implement wellbeing strategies to increase engagement. Our sister company FusionHR also offers a range of services and training sessions to assist your HR management strategy.  To find out more please do not hesitate to contact one of the FusionHR team on 01924 827869.

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