The employee portal is a paperless, secure and quick way for employees to request and employers to authorise absence.

The staff planner makes it easier for staff members to see their allocated leave and how much they have remaining. They can also see their sickness record, so they are fully engaged in the process. They can login and request time off from their line manager, add reasons for the absence and send this request for approval.

Key Benefits Of The Employee Portal

  • Provides a secure and confidential way to request and monitor leave of absence.
  • Allows you to quickly respond from any location, reducing paperwork and providing a trackable process that is also GDPR compliant.
  • For a manager it is easier to manage annual leave. You can easily see all your team’s requests, with the option to approve or reject the request and add any notes that are required.
  • The portal shows managers when their team are off so when they are approving a request they can work out cover.
  • Everything is done, stored and updated straight into the employees profile in SAM, so there is no further requirement to add the absence manually. If you have the write-back facility this will also then write back into SIMS.
  • All requests are managed electronically. No more holiday request forms; you don’t have to be in school to access a form.
  • The portal engages staff, providing their information at the touch of a button.
  • It can be bespoke for your school by uploading key school documents, such as your Absence policy and procedures and Employee Handbook.

The employee portal is included within the SAM license, so there are no extra costs and if you need help getting set up just go to the SAM help centre where there are guides and factsheets to follow. Alternatively, you can contact one of the team who will be happy to help.

To see the Employee Portal in action, book a demo.