How can SAM help Colleges and Universities?

SAM can work with further education establishments to help reduce costs and be more financially efficient. Funding is a key challenge for colleges and universities and every aspect of financial management is scrutinised.

SAM provides return on investment. For a small annual licence fee, SAM provides colleges and universities with absence software that will help to support their staff, reduce absence and maintain the standard of teaching. Great cost savings can be made in the reduction of absence costs, such as sick pay and cover costs.

When a teacher is absent from further education, students are directly missing information that will affect exam results. Every moment counts. There is also the added effort of trying to either cover or cancel the class.

Here is how SAM can help you:

  • SAM’s dashboard shows employees that have triggered so action can be taken.
  • SAM’s triggers take into account term-time working in education.
  • SAM is completely bespoke, the college or University can enter its own term dates.
  • SAM reminds you of tasks so you can support staff back to work quicker.
  • Departments can be set up to match those of the college/university and trends can then be reported on by department, faculty or site.
  • The University could see a dashboard by college to compare and benchmark, if multiple sites are being monitored.
  • Reports show cost savings over time for the board and trustees.
  • Work out how much absence costs you and potential savings with our calculator (link)
Jo Godbolt
Business Manager, Oathall Community College

We purchased SAM around a year ago as we found that our existing systems for managing absence and absence statistics were very cumbersome. We wanted a product that could sync with our existing MIS so we did not have to duplicate work. What we like about SAM is that because it is on the cloud it allows managers to access details about their team members from work or home. Now that we have got into the swing of using it we find it really useful for logging all the details where employees have met absence triggers. Essentially it is like having an accessible electronic employee personnel file. The reports are very useful with the employee absence calendar proving to be an extremely helpful tool for managers. It is quite a different way of working for the school and so it has taken a bit of time to bed in. Now we are using it more & more it has become a very valuable management tool.

For more information and to see how SAM could help you just book a demo.