SAM keeps everything you need in one place, including notes, messages and letters. You can send emails and personalised letters from within SAM at the touch of a button. It ensures a fair process for everyone, which can be presented as a full case history when needed for meetings and used as evidence to help prevent claims of discrimination.

SAM’s Contracts Store help clients to centralise documents and save even more admin time as well as helping you to engage employees by making documents visible.

Key Benefits Of The Centralised Documents

  • It provides a secure and confidential way to share contracts, contract updates and other policies.
  • You can assign them to employees, who get a notification to view the document.
  • An employee can download, save and print the documents.
  • Once read and accepted the system will log and notify the acceptance.
  • No more paper forms and an easy way to keep track of which polices staff have been issued with.
  • It is also secure so this helps to confirm with GDPR requirements.

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